What are we wanting to do?

Simple - We want to inspire teachers to inspire their pupils. 

We want COL to help energize teachers to teach a curriculum that is engaging, responsive and that they believe in.

Updated August 2018

At a management meeting, we culminated many discussions by drawing together the ideas and strategies around how we can raise literacy performance in our cluster. This will result in shared PD and opportunities for Kāhui Ako staff.


Ideas from schools for literacy development:

  • Strategies to engage boys – teachers often need fresh ideas

  • How can we increase the value of oral language to motivate our written language?

  • PACT exploration – worth it or not

  • Teachers sharing best practice. We need sessions so teachers can motivate teachers – what about teacher swaps e.g. year 3 year for a year 3 teacher between schools. This will be cluster meetings/visits for interested teachers sharing or just soaking up great ideas and practice. Some schools have been involved in extensive Literacy PD and so their input will be valuable – also with the leadership from RTLBs and University of Canterbury. Examples of this could be….

    • Change of thinking from remediation to acceleration.

    • Focus on acceleration strategies being used at Kaiapoi Borough

    • Storytelling PD – boosting oracy and the writing process - works well with older students too. It is a whole philosophy around teaching writing linked to oral language. RTLB leadership in this

    • Boys Only Reading club (Paparoa St)

    • Building literacy and vocab through Science and curriculum integration has to be more engaging.

    • Are we moderating the same?

    • Assessment next steps – what is relevant and next steps?

    • Ideas to push reluctant writers. Doing the ‘same old’ decreases motivation for students - and teachers!

    • Engaging senior readers – what resources strategies are being used to keep them motivated. What about increasing engagement for senior readers? There’s good data but poor engagement.

    • Literacy systems and practices – what’s working and then let's share the PD and grow together. E.g.

  • It is important that along with our Across School leader that there is an ‘expert’ literacy person in schools. The challenge for schools and our cluster is keeping teachers upskilled?

  • What does explicit reading teaching and writing teaching look like?

    • Modelling books/planning/ reinforcement and independent activities?

    • Reading planning topics after Level 20

    • Do we share the same framework and progressions or have something more local and homegrown

  • There are interesting developments are happening with PaCT – may be beneficial to look at this as a CoL.

  • Lack of vocabulary experience because children are relying on devices.

  • Targeted learning - complex sentences etc.

  • Assessment

    • Moderation and progressions consistency for schools and cluster

    • Are we assessing for next step?

    • What is being used to show progress and what are the gaps missing?

    • Year 3. What does assessment look like here after Nat Standards? Is PAT the answer?

  • What is the Curriculum pathway/expectations for tamariki move from ECE to Yr 1 & 2 and also moving from years 6,7,8 to KHS in Years 9 & 10?

  • Is there a commonality of structure and assessment for students entering KHS and then also within faculties at KHS

  • ​Kaiapoi  High School ideas....

    • Written expectations and commonality across the faculties

    • Boosting the structure of students writing across the faculties

    • Boosting the level of content/clarity/ vocab through all subjects e.g. science

  • Play-based learning - getting children to engage with being at school.

    • Developing a junior Holistic Curriculum

    • Play-based learning

    • How does formal instruction fit in with this

    • ECE transition / liaison

    • What happens in the ECEs and how does it lead into what we do?

    • Te Whāriki building it in and building on

    • What happens in Year 3 and 4 after the PBL?

  • Spelling - how to get children engaged?


We are seeking guidance, support from UC Plus. They are bringing a proposal to us that is based on the points below and feedback from teachers that we gather in the next month or so.


Post National Standards what is our response to assessment and curriculum design. Do we measure what we value or just value it because we can measure it? Our plan is to focus on Literacy in 2018 and then move on to Maths after that.


Other gems…


  • What is a quality literacy/maths programme that prepares our tamariki firstly for life and secondly for NCEA success?

  • What are the implications of Play Based Learning, Project Based Learning, STEM for our cluster schools? Do we want to develop a deeper philosophy and perhaps common approaches?

  • What can Universal Design for Learning offer our cluster to enrich our curriculum and enhance innovation, engagement and real-life contexts?

  • The NPDL contract from UC – Why What Who When?


What are your thoughts?? Please have some input and share your ideas

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